The Basics of Body Fat

It is no surprise that society is facing a public health crisis in the form of obesity.  While excessive accumulation of body fat is a hallmark of obesity, body fat itself, in the right proportions and right anatomical locations, is essential for human health.  Body fat plays numerous roles in human health and is primarily... Continue Reading →

Green Smoothie Recipe

I often turn to smoothies with added protein powder as a way to squeeze a bit more protein into my diet especially for breakfast or post-workout.  Typically, I favor an almond milk with chocolate whey protein powder base.  However, this time of year our garden is booming, and the lettuce, spinach and kale is plentiful. ... Continue Reading →

The Need for Individualized Nutritional Programming

There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition program. In fact, various programs such as Paleo, Keto, Zone, etc. may all live together within the same gym based on the membership population or even within the same individual depending on their current training status. Therefore, as trainers and coaches, we should be most concerned with which nutritional program... Continue Reading →

The Basics of Dietary Fats

There are two broad ways to classify fat:  there is dietary fat and there is body fat.  We consume dietary fat through our daily meals and body fat is found throughout our bodies and can accumulate, expand and contract depending upon our genetics, gender, diet and activity levels.  The focus of today’s post is dietary... Continue Reading →

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