Top 5 Reasons to CrossFit

  1. Scalability: Any CrossFit workout can be scaled or adapted to fit the skill and fitness level of any individual.  CrossFit can be done by anyone including:  senior citizens, kids, adaptive individuals, out of shape individuals, people with zero athletic experience.
  2. No equipment required: At its essence, CrossFit requires nothing except your own body weight and the willingness to move.
  3. Community: Whether you are a competitive athlete looking for a new team or someone walking into a CrossFit box for the first time, you will be amazed by the supportive and enthusiastic sense of community cultivated by CrossFit.
  4. Functionality: CrossFit’s training approach is grounded in functional fitness.  Training is about learning the proper motor and movement patterns we use in everyday life.  Maybe you have never performed a back squat but you have probably moved yourself up, down and back up out of a chair.  Never performed a front squat?  Maybe not but what are the odds you have had to bend down in order to pick up a child or grandchild?  Through CrossFit, these functional movements are initially learned with zero load or weight.  Only once the movement is perfected, is load/weight added.  Check out assisted squat a.ka. in and out of chair at
  5. Positive Mind Set: This is one of the most amazing aspects of CrossFit.  CrossFit not only enhances your physical well-being but helps cultivate a positive mind-set.  In the beginning, you may not believe in yourself; that you can do the workouts, that you can change your health but everyone surrounding you DOES believe in you.  It’s why they stay until the last person is done working.  It’s why everyone high fives after a Metcon.  When you are continuously surrounded by people that believe in you, it is going to rub off and there is something immensely satisfying about putting in the hard work and changing yourself because you know that you can do anything.

To learn more about CrossFit check out the site:

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