CrossFit Open Workout 19.1 Recap

CrossFit Open Workout 19.1 was a fun one:  AMRAP 15 minutes of 19 wall balls followed by a 19 calorie row.  “Feel the burn!” has never felt so real!  When this workout was first released I heard a lot of comments around my box about it being “boring” and “not very creative”.  Initially, I guess I agreed.  In the end however, I ended up loving this workout because of its simplicity and inclusiveness.  With just two fundamental movements to focus on, I was really able to get into the zone and embrace the “pain cave” on this one; not to mention it my first Rx Open workout!

If you are new or unfamiliar with CrossFit you may not be aware of the major changes CrossFit, Inc. has been making in the past few months to restructure the sport and make the format of the Games competition more inclusive for everyone around the globe.  Here is a brief description of such changes:  1) Qualification for the CrossFit Games now involves winning a major sanctioned event which are taking place globally. Additionally, placing in the top 20 of your age division in the Open will punch your ticket to Madison; 2) a complete reduction of CrossFit Media coverage.  Providing media coverage is no longer a priority for CrossFit Inc.  The notion is by eliminating CrossFit Media coverage new opportunities for entrepreneurship will and are occurring in this realm; 3) a total makeover of the website.  The site now includes an “At Home” video clearly targeting the mobility of seniors, a daily fresh recipe video based on the CrossFit nutrition principles, and access along with commentary regarding the field of scientific research and its intricate relationship with industry/pharma and public health.  This last is of particular interest to me as an academic scientist.  Everything on the site regarding academic research is on point and I am fascinated by this propaganda component of the new site.  Still included are written or video pieces addressing classic CrossFit techniques like the overhead squat and really fascinating articles on biomechanics such as the current series on the physics of levers.

So when it was announced that Open Workout 19.1 consisted simply of wall balls and rowing; many complained that creativity was lacking.  What those complaining failed to recognize though was, in the spirit of CrossFit, Inc.’s new path, this was perhaps the most inclusive workout EVER.  Just check out the video streams on Instagram of seniors and kids completing this workout!  So I missed by goal of completing 6 rounds (190 reps) by 10 calories, finishing with 180 reps and now it’s Tuesday and I’m regretting not repeating 19.1 to knock off that goal, but live and learn and get ready for Open Workout 19.2!

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