CrossFit Open Workout 19.4 Recap


CrossFit Open Workout 19.4 consisted of 3 rounds of 10 snatches plus 12 bar facing burpees followed by a 3 minute rest.  Athletes then moved onto 3 rounds of 10 bar muscle ups plus 12 bar facing burpees with a 12 minute time cap.  Men Rx snatched 95 lbs. and women snatched 65 lbs.  This was another “separator” workout.  For many this was a 12 minute snatch/burpee workout while the elite athletes plowed through bar muscle ups.  For me personally, Open Workout 19.4 was a pleasant surprise.  I performed the workout a day earlier than normal due to travel and without any practice.  Going into the workout, I was expecting to split-snatch the 65 lbs., primarily because the last time I had performed a snatch workout (about 5 weeks ago) I was unsuccessful at attempting to power snatch at 60 lbs. So I was happily surprised when in my warm-up, I had no issue power snatching the Rx weight!  Since I have no bar muscle-ups under my belt, my focus for this workout was completing as many snatches as possible with the BEST form possible – no compromises!  For me this was an excellent approach.  Focusing on snatch form helped prevent injury.  I started out snatching in sets of 5 but this quickly went down to a 2-2-2 scheme which worked great.  I’ll admit that in general, the snatch is such a magnificent movement I have kind of psyched myself out regarding technique; too much in my own head thinking about all the little moving parts.  This has resulted in hesitation in increasing weight on the snatch during training for fear of injury.  However, in this workout it was awesome to go heavier than ever before as I could finally get the feedback of lifting such a weight.  For the first time, I felt the full power of the hook grip, hip power, high elbows, shrug and a strong punch!  Oh and those burpees?  They sucked!

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