CrossFit Open Workout 19.5 Recap

Historically, the final Open workout contains thrusters and this year did not disappoint.  Open Workout 19.5 consisted of thrusters (65lb for women and 95 lb for men) and chest to bars (not a surprise really) with a rep scheme of 33-27-21-15-9 (a TOTAL surprise)!  The scaled version replaced jumping pull-ups for chest to bars.  That’s right; this workout contained a 60 rep buy-in to “Fran”.  The live announcement of this workout saw the reigning Fittest Woman (Tia Clair-Toomey) and Fittest Man (Mat Fraser) in the World squaring off head-to-head.   Working side by side the two CrossFit Mayhem athletes crushed this workout (Tia 7:48 and Mat 6:53).  Meanwhile, grounded back in reality, very few athletes at my gym completed this workout and no one went sub-15 minutes.  For me, this was another Rx workout containing a body weight gymnastic movement I have yet to master in the chest to bar.  Therefore, this was a straight forward thruster workout followed by 2 failed chest to bar attempts.  In retrospect, this final workout was representative of what this entire Open was for me; a combination of both accomplishments and humbling failures.  As my first Open competing as an Rx athlete, I knew I would be able to complete some but not all movements in most workouts.  Therefore, week after week I experienced satisfaction knowing I was competing as an Rx athlete but was repeatedly humbled knowing how much work I still need to put in on some of the very basic, strict gymnastic movements.  This is what I truly love about CrossFit; it allows you to put in the hard work to better yourself and celebrate your successes but, often within the same workout, you are competing against an area of weakness, constantly aware of areas in which more work must be focused in order to improve.  Self-improvement and physical preparedness are an ever evolving process and as pertains to the CrossFit Open competing as Rx is definitely to be “earned”.

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