Is subscription programming worth it?

In a word:  YES!  Thus far, in my experience I believe subscription programming to be worth it.  If you are on social media like Instagram, and you are plugged into the CrossFit and fitness world it seems like subscription programming is everywhere because, well it is!  Want nutritional programing to follow?  Subscribe to Working Against Gravity or Macrostax?  Don’t have the time or money to get into a box to work out?  Subscribe to CompTrain or CrossFit Mayhem on-line programming.  Want endless progressions to help your non-existent gymnastics game (this is me)?  Subscribe to CrossFit Invictus on-line gymnastics programming.  Can’t afford the body work?  Do it yourself by subscribing to Mobility WOD.  Chances are if you have heard of a big-time box or company (CrossFit Mayhem, Brute Strength, Invictus, etc.) they have some kind of on-line programming available for you to try.  I have been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half now and thus far, I have tried 3 different on-line subscription-based programs:  MobilityWOD, ROMWOD and CrossFit Invictus Gymnastics.  The idea is simple; pay a monthly fee (I’ve paid ~$30-$40/month) and receive on-line programming, coaching, feedback, community support basically 24/7 usually via an app and/or Facebook.  Thus far, based on my personal experiences, I would give such on-line programming two thumbs up.  When I first began CrossFit training, I was having lots of aches and pains from trying to lug my body weight around on the bars in my box, so I decided to give MobilityWOD a try.  I was really impressed with this app and the programming.  There was a recovery and a performance track and almost 100% of the time, I went with recovery track.  This consisted of various stretches, poses, smashes, and rolling techniques to address any problem area I was having; from my triceps to those deep seat muscles down in my gluts; there was programming for everything.  New routines were posted daily, took ~10 minutes of my time and I really liked that I could scan the library looking for routines that focused on areas where I was currently feeling soreness or tightness or pain.  I subscribed for two months-then grew tight with time and fell off the wagon.  About 2 months ago, I was feeling the need to work more on my mobility and I decided to give ROMWOD a try as it was popping up continuously on my Instagram feed.  This programming uses a yoga-based methodology for improving mobility.  I really liked the routines and I could feel improvement after a just a few practices but for me, it was too much of a time commitment (15 to 45 min per session).  Currently, I have been subscribing to gymnastics programming through CrossFit Invictus and I really love it!  Body weight gymnastics have been a huge challenge for me since day 1 and I have benefitted tremendously from this programming.  With 3 sessions a week, each taking about 20 minutes, the time commitment has been perfect, and the variations and progressions are exactly what I have needed.  In this case, the CrossFit Invictus on-line gymnastics programming has offered additional, more specialized progressions for movements like chest-to-bars and ring muscle-ups far beyond what I was getting in the group class setting in my box.  So, overall, if you have bit of time and a little money and are willing to try out new things, I would highly recommend on-line programming.  For some, it may offer a cheaper alternative to getting into box regularly and for me, it has offered a perfect amount of accessory training for improving my skills outside of my box.

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