CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 Recap


Did you do CrossFit Open Workout 20.1? If so, then holy smokes: you know what I am talking about! This workout was an immediate gut check right out of the gate. Open Workout 20.1 consisted of:
10 rounds of:
8 ground to overhead (95lb/65lb)
10 bar over burpees
15 min cap
Score is time of completion or number of reps at 15 min cap

I had anticipated that this workout would involve a trip to the pain cave, but I did not anticipate that I would arrive in the pain cave so quickly. In typical fashion for the first Open workout, I came out a little too hot in round one. I cycled through my ground to overheads by performing clean and jerks unbroken and headed immediately into the burpees. About three burpees in and I realized “WHOA, I need to slow things down!” I performed step up burpees and turned in the air as I jumped over the bar, sucking air the entire time. Upon completing my first set of ten bar over burpees, I felt completely gassed. My heart rate was so elevated, I had no chance of lowering it as I stepped back up to the bar. As I pushed into round two, I broke the ground to overheads down into two sets of four clean and jerks, sticking with this strategy for the remainder of the workout. In retrospect, I was really surprised by how red-lined my heart rate became through the clean and jerks. Prior to the workout, I anticipated that the bar over burpees would be the major energy drain. Surprisingly however, by cycling through clean and jerks so quickly I was never able to lower my heart rate throughout the burpees. The consequence? I had to take several longer than I would have liked pauses between rounds to wrangle that near puking/near passing out feeling! Fortunately, as always occurs during the Open, I had a great judge and awesome support and encouragement from my fellow gym mates; so when that “I can’t do this” monster crept into my head in round three, I was able to simply zone out and embrace the suck. From my perspective, this workout embodied a central tenet of CrossFit: when you think you can’t, just keep moving and you will. Can’t wait to see what 20.2 holds in store for us next!

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