The Basics of Dietary Fats

There are two broad ways to classify fat:  there is dietary fat and there is body fat.  We consume dietary fat through our daily meals and body fat is found throughout our bodies and can accumulate, expand and contract depending upon our genetics, gender, diet and activity levels.  The focus of today’s post is dietary... Continue Reading →

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrate: Carbohydrates are a form of macronutrient that chemically consist of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Essentially, carbohydrates represent sugar which the body can digest and then use for energy. They include the sugars, starches, and fibers of fruit, grains, vegetables and dairy. Carbohydrates are important because they can be quickly turned into energy and can... Continue Reading →

My Nutrition Odyssey

After I had my first kid, I was about 30 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.  Through a combination of running and Watch Watchers I lost about 20 of those 30 pounds.  I ate a lot of fruit and vegetables and I remember the pounds coming off fairly easily.  Things were different after my second pregnancy. ... Continue Reading →

What is the Keto diet?

“What is the Keto diet?  Should I try it?”  These are two questions I have heard numerous times while at the gym and have been asked directly several times recently by family members.  To understand the Keto diet, it helps to understand the basic energy system our bodies run on.  Carbohydrates, protein and fats are... Continue Reading →

No carb, some carb, any carb?

In the world of exercise and training there is a long standing interest in how much carbohydrate an individual should consume.  The short answer:  it depends.  A while ago, I realized that no one nutritional regimen provides a fit all for all.  This sounds simple but it was actually a profound realization for someone who... Continue Reading →

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